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Welcome! Here is my website where I will be putting my artwork, music, writings, thoughts, beliefs, experiences, etc. I can't wait to grow and create my voice for everyone to see! xx
I study Flute Performance at the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music and I teach beginner-intermediate flute lessons in Orange County, please hit me up if you're interested!


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hannah bundrant

I'm creating this website as a space for all of my art- music, paintings, poetry, writings, even just journal entries- just a website about me (I feel narcissistic doing this if you knew me you'd know I'd never do this). I've noticed that my life can be crazy and unpredictable and I need somewhere to put the art I create when I pour my heart out into a book or something. Hopefully, there's some of you who enjoy whatever this turns into and we can all make some connections and live a little together and not alone on our laptops! x

A little about me: I live in Huntington Beach, but I'm from the Riverside area. I started playing the flute when I was 10, and I learned a whole nother way to speak my voice and feelings. Then later I started writing poetry and painting (I am a horrible artist/drawer but I'm decent with paint) as a way to distract myself really. Art became a huge part of my life, so I made ~this~ website so I would have some encouragement to share my art! 

It will probably take some time for this whole thing to get up and running, I have a life ya know. 



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